Our dogs are family. And ever since you brought him into your home, you have already accepted the responsibilities of being a good parent. He, on the other hand, must be confused and sad to be away from the shelter and his littermates. So take the opportunity to be a good parent and shower your dog with some love.


Morning bonds. Give time in the mornings to walk him to empty his bladder then back home to cuddle for five minutes to set the day’s positivity and success.

Give him toys when you’re not home. Dogs, like children, hate to be bored. And when they’re bored and alone, they have the tendency to do destructive stuff and turn bad. Leave him some toys to play with and stimulate his brain.

Let him hang out with you. Let him go with you to work on those days you have to go back for overtime or for last minute work errands. He will feel like part of a family and will enjoy a different ambiance.


Be aware of how you touch him. Patting on the head or hugging him shows signs of aggression for dogs. Instead, massage him behind the ears and scratch his belly.

Morning strolls. Take him with you for quick morning walks to release the stress of the day and breathe in some fresh air. He will love these quick bonding sessions with you too.

Give time to praise him. It’s easy to find fault in our dogs and scold him for doing it. Have you ever stopped to notice that he’s behaved and following your instructions? He deserves lots of praises. Talk to him with a calm and gentle voice.   

Include training time to your weekly schedule so stimulate both his physical and mental well-being. Use even just one hour for a training class. Then you can use around fifteen minutes per day to practice the lessons.

Take the time to read and listen to how your dog talks to you. No words. Just watch his actions that show if he’s excited, anxious or in fear so that you can respond and protect him accordingly.

Take your dog for a drive. If you have to go for a quick ride or don’t need to get off the vehicle, why don’t you take your dog along with you? He’s bored all day and will take the ride as a nice icebreaker from staying in the house. This is also a good way to show your dog that riding a car does not always mean going to the vet for a poking. Just never ever leave your dog alone inside the car.

Night Walks. End your and your dog’s day with a walk before sleeping. This way, the pent-up energies can be released through a quiet night out together. Your dog can likewise take the opportunity to sniff fresh air and clear his lungs before a cozy sleep.



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