If your dog has been giving you slobbery kisses their entire life, as a way to express their love and loyalty, it could prove dispiriting to one day find these slobbery kisses turn dry and rough. Unfortunately, dry nose is quite typical when it comes to elderly dogs. This physical manifestation can be harmless among younger pups. When it comes to senior dogs, however, a dry nose can be a symptom of health concern that needs immediate attention.


Having a dry nose can be uncomfortable to your dog. It can even exacerbate and turn painful. Dogs that have reached their seventh year are most susceptible to dry nose. If not treated right, it will affect the quality of their life and their general well-being.
That dog’s noses ought to be wet and slippery is as basic as you’d get in ascertaining their health. This is why a parched and rough nose is enough to make dog owners panic. However you can find comfort in the fact that dry nose in canine can easily be remedied. At least for younger pups. Senior dogs, on the other hand, might require more special attention.

Here are four of the common causes of dry nose.

1.Long periods spent sleeping

Dogs ought to wet their noses regularly. This survival instinct is of course neglected when they are asleep. For younger dogs, they can easily recover their nose’s lost moisture a few minutes after waking up. For senior dogs that sleep longer, this may not be the case. This is why senior dogs require more assistance from their owners.


2. Long periods of inactivity

If your young dog is not as active as usual, you might want to consult with your vet to know if they are suffering from any illness. If yours is a senior dog, them being lethargic is probably is symptom of either age-related depression or arthritis. Either way, lethargy can cause their nose to dry hence it must be addressed ASAP.

3. Bouts with allergy

Dogs can suffer from a range of allergic reactions just like their humans. Typically these allergies are revealed early in a dog’s life. They can also be solely triggered by aging. When your dog suffers from allergy, they are prone to rubbing their nose to a point when their paws dry them out.

4. Bouts with dehydration

This is usually observed in senior dogs suffering from arthritis and other joint problems. Given the amount of discomfort they have to go through to get out of their dog bed, they tend to neglect their thirst. Once they are dehydrated, their noses easily runs out of moisture.

How to Help Your Dog

Dry nose can be remedied through simple steps, depending on your dog’s age and quality of health in general. For instance, just making sure their water bowl is always filled and accessible can go a long way. Also, if there’s a way for you to get rid of the dog allergens in your home, it will be best for your dog. Aside from these basic tips, you might also want to consider going the extra mile for your pup by applying natural ingredients on their nose. Your options include coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, and shea butter.



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