David Foster was on his journey via a brook voyage that stopped on a particular island somewhere in Brazil. Historically, this is a desert island which is created as the Amazon river goes down, so mostly it has nothing around.


David observed the surrounding and sighted spotted something moving. When he ran a little bit closer, he found out that it was a dumped dog and left to die.

Foster shared that when the dog came running on the seashore, all he could observe is the skinny figure of the dog. He could not just move away right at that moment. He could not dare resist the feeling of not helping the poor dog.

The malnourished dog is named Negrita and was so delighted to meet some people finally. In spite of her situation,  her tail was swaying, and she bonds everyone around her. The people on the ship gave her food. It is uncertain how long Negrita had been abandoned on the island.


Foster decided to take her on the ship to keep her safe; however, others were not thinking of rescuing her. When Foster was deeply asleep, some passengers put Negrita back on the island. When Foster discovered that the dog was out of sight, he talked with their captain and asserted he would get Negrita back.

The dog was patiently waiting at the seashore for them to return. Foster thought that he should not only rescue the miserable doggy but provide him a real home.

Foster took Negrita to a town on the river and met someone there who can talk English. The kind lady agreed to look after the dog until Foster finds an opportunity to take her to Ireland.

After five months, Negrita traveled to Ireland to rejoin with her new parent. Negrita was changed. Foster was unable to take the fact it was the poor dog he just rescued on the island.

Here is a video below showing the touching story.

Video credit The Dodo via YouTube



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