Also called Eskie, the American Eskimo Dog is strikingly beautiful. Their white coat, sweet expression as well as their black eyes all contributed to their beautiful appearance. The Eskie is a Nordic dog breed and also a member of the Spitz family. They are by nature very lively and make a great companion to humans. They love to entertain and would prefer to join on all the family activities. Although they can be very comfortable with family and friends they can be downright reserved when it comes to strangers.


Primarily a companion dog, the Eskie is a devoted family member and loves to be spending time with his family and through several family activities. Mental stimulation is what he craves as well as regular daily physical activities. The breed is highly intelligent allowing him to solve problems, excel in obedience training, tricks and agility. That is why they were popularly used as circus performers. However, they should undergo early obedience training to make them controllable.

An excellent watchdog, the Eskie take his responsibility seriously. Although he barks to the comings and goings of strangers, he is not overly aggressive. Chew toys are another important of a must-have if you have an Eskie for a pet. They are an avid chewer.

Just like any canine breed, the Eskie don’t do well in isolation. In fact, some dog owners keep several Eskie dogs for them to entertain each other. However, a lone Eskie will still thrive in busy households. As long as they are walked regularly, they thrive in apartment-style living.


The Eskies’ Highlights

  • Because they are intelligent, fun-loving and active, they thrive on activity. So if you own one, you need to be ready with a lot of training classes, games, daily physical activities or hikes.
  • Don’t leave him alone for a long period of time because they will get lonely.
  • The Eskie needs someone to control and someone they can follow, and that someone is you. So you should be a confident trainer and a loving owner.

Coming from the Nordic breed of dogs, the Eskie belongs to the Spitz family. The breed is characterized by fox like faces, profuse coats, and small, pricked ears. Although the Eskies origin is unknown, what is true is that they were commonly found in German immigrant communities.

A true blooded entertainer and good looks, the Eskies were favorite circus dogs. They were trained and can perform a wide array of amazing tricks that made them a favorite showman. By 1985, the American Eskimo Dog Club was founded, and in 1995 was recognized by the American Kennel Club categorized under the Non-Sporting Group.


The Eskies comes in three sizes. They are classified as Toy, Miniature, and Standard. The toy weighs approximately around 10 pounds and stands about 9 to 12 inches. While Miniatures stand 12 to 15 inches and weigh about 20 pounds. Standards about 15 inches and weigh about 30 pounds.

Therefore, if you think you got what it takes to handle an American Eskimo Dog, then the Eskie is the right one for you.



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