Ever feel stressed out by your colleagues at work? Or maybe there was a traffic jam which made you late going home? In any case, a gentle relaxing massage helps you ease that stress away. But how about your pet? Like humans, dogs can get stressed too. How can she de-stress? Why not learn how to give your dog a relaxing massage?


You can bring your pup to a Pet Salon but why not give your dog a massage yourself? It is effortless and creates a loving bond between you and your pet. There are many reasons why your dog deserves a good rubbing:

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Improves circulation

Sometimes, owners may not have time to let their dogs go out for short walks or maybe the weather is not that great. In any case, massages help dogs in providing blood circulation to her legs or hips and make sure that oxygen-rich blood reaches her organs. Healthy organs result in better overall function such as digestion, respiratory and renal processes. Her immune system gets stronger, too, so she can ward off most illnesses.


Eases anxiety

There are some reasons why your dogs can feel anxious. One is when you leave, and it took you longer than usual to return. Or perhaps your puppy experienced her first thunderstorm. In any case, a good rubbing can chase those kinks away and make your pet feel more secure with you around.

Strengthens bond

Dogs benefit well from being positively touched by their owners. You do know dogs like a good belly rub, right? They also love a good scratch on the ears and under the throat. This is because they simply loved being touched. It is a sign of trust and love.

Watch a dog get her knots kneaded in this video:

Source: DailyCandy Video via YouTube



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