Medical marijuana is now widely and legally available in an array of progressive countries. They are prescribed to people as supplementary treatment for a wide range of health concerns, from skin problems to the all too critical C word–Cancer. But the use of cannabidiol or CBD is not entirely a new concept. In fact its medicinal use has a rather long history, in existence for approximately 8,000 years. Now if humans benefit from this ancient cure healthwise, why not pets, too–specifically canines?


CBD in a Nutshell
CBD is derived from pot or cannabis plants, as well as hemp. It is just one of at least 60 compounds found in these plants, which are considered non psychoactive. Upon ingestion, CBD has direct effect on biological processes such as sleep, mood, and digestion, by way of altering your anatomy’s endocannabinoid system.
Homeostasis is all the rage in healthcare now. Basically the word equates to optimum biological balance. The use of CBD is said to trigger exactly this holy grail in health maintenance. It allows for endocannabinoids, chemical messengers that regulate most of your biological processes, to stay at their most desired and beneficial level. This is the reason behind CBD’s anti-nausea, anti-anxiety, anti-tumor, anti-convulsive, and anti-inflammatory effects.

A Veterinarian’s View
Now the big question is? Does CBD have the same beneficial health effects to canines as it does to humans? And how do veterinarians weight in on this matter?
A veterinarian from the Vancouver Animal Wellness Clinic named Katherine Kramer advocates for CBD use among ailing canines. This despite how she claims that she is not legally allowed to recommend, much more prescribe, CBD. This legal restriction notwithstanding, when asked by clients about the effects of CBD, she can’t help but retell stories favorable to the treatment, which are based on her own medical experience. In recent years, the results Dr. Kramer has observed in her geriatric and cancer canine patients are “nothing short of miracles.” The introduction of CBD in these dogs’ treatment has aided in managing arthritis and pain, seizures, nausea, and even general anxiety. For some dogs with behavioral problems, CBD treatment also proved quite beneficial, with their owners nothing short of satisfied to their observed changes. Meanwhile, those with cancer are able to reclaim their quality of life.

Dr. Kramer does not claim to be the trailblazer in CBD use for ailing canines. She attributes her indoctrination to this treatment to a former client who worked closely with human patients under CBD treatment. The said client had an ailing cat that was saved from irredeemable physical deterioration via CBD ingestion in carefully researched dosage. Upon hearing of the story Dr. Kramer began looking deeper into the treatment, wanting to test the waters. She was not let down. Now, six years hence, Dr. Kramer is spreading the word to her current clients. Her goal is to share awareness, to offer an alternative, so that their pets too, especially their canines, are saved from whatever debilitating illness they currently suffer.




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