Having only two registered and official competitors in the race, the runners had a 50–50 chance of winning. And so, the athletes dedicated all their focus and effort knowing that they only need to beat one opponent to be the champ. But they were mistaken.


As it turns out, the competition did not have 2 but 3 runners. One adorable and furry challenger decided to join the race a few meters after it started. And he sure proved that he’s as good as them – even better.

The amusing and comical incident was reported to have taken place in Chile’s National Athletics Competition of 2018. Shortly after the gunfire signaled the start of the one–on–one 400–meter dash run, the dog randomly emerged on the trackside. Following the sprinters, the dog was evidently eager enough to show off his speed.

Here’s the footage of the race and the unexpected finish:


Video Credits to YouTube/La Barra de Todos los Deportes

Despite the runners having a few meters of advantage, the pup refused not to claim the victory. From being behind, to running alongside the runners, and eventually being ahead of them, the dog is indeed one certified athlete.

No one knew where the dog exactly came from. There is also no saying how long and how much preparation the joyful dog had to be in the competition. But one thing’s clear; the pup sure had blown the runners away and surprised the audience.

Granting that the pup was not an official entrant of the race, the books will certainly have someone else’s name listed as the winner. But no matter what the records say, the crowd knows who the real winner was that day. And all the admirers of the victorious dog will agree – there’s no athlete that can run faster than one that has four legs.



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