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Are you familiar with photoshoots where a couple introduces their newborn child? This couple underwent a photo shoot similar to this one. However, it’s a bit different because this time, they are introducing their new adopted pup to the world. Yep! A puppy, not a kid or a human child.


Cristy Sartwell, a professional photographer, was booked for an unusual photo session request from her Kennedy Satwell, her lovely daughter.

Kennedy and Jake Terry, her boyfriend, adopted a pooch last week. They said they wanted to have a photoshoot to introduce their new pup. They wanted to reveal the pup’s gender as well.

At first, Cristy was hesitant to agree to their request because she has other clients. However, Kennedy and Jake convinced her which was a great thing because the project turned out great.


Cristy Sartwell

The couple named their new pet, Raven Michele. She was adorable, and she was pretty playful which made it a bit difficult to wrap up the photoshoot.

According to Cristy, they tried doing a posed family shoot. However, Raven was being uncooperative. Good thing, they brought a squeaker toy which helped them get the pup’s attention.

Elements of fiction

During the gender reveal part, they tried to put Raven inside a box with some pink balloons. However, the playful pup can’t maintain her composure and is too much distracted by the balloons. They decided to change the setup.

Cristy directed the couple to kiss because she thinks that the pup will automatically look up to them. They were so glad it worked.


Kennedy is happy and excited to be a puppy mom. “It’s like having a newborn,” she said. The couple needed to wake up at 2 AM, 5 AM, and 6 AM just to take Raven to the bathroom. She also makes noises when she wants to do something.

As for Cristy, she loves having her grand puppy. They are all excited to have Raven as a new family member. Cristy added, she thinks it’s great that people nowadays are wanting to own pets. She also predicts that this type of photoshoots with pets will become popular to pet owners someday.

Thanks to Infinite Smiles Photography for sharing this adorable photography session!



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