It’s probably hard to even imagine a situation where you end up finding an unconscious dog while driving. Would you pull over, or be on your way? Doing the latter wouldn’t necessarily mean you’re a bad person, of course, but it’s still a tricky question.


David Loop found himself in this exact situation. His day job involves caring for animals, and he was behind the wheel when he happened upon the unfortunate dog motionless on the road. His first thought was that the dog was dead.

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He could have kept on driving. Instead of leaving the poor creature though, he parked his car and went to say a little prayer for the dog he thought was dead. He was just about to leave and get back in his car when he saw its eyes blink—and he could not believe it.


Not one to waste time, he fetched some blankets from his vehicle to wrap the very much alive dog with. He was aware that any unnecessary delay could mean the difference between life and death for his little charge. Not sure if she could make the trip, David rushed the dog to the nearest animal facility so that she could get proper medical attention.

If saving her was no longer an option, then putting an end to her suffering should be the next priority. The possibility of having to put down the dog broke his heart, but he knew that something had to be done either way. The tension ended when the doctors informed him that the dog was no longer in danger, which meant euthanasia was now out of the equation.

It returned with a vengeance, however, when he learned that the dog had slipped into a coma. Then slowly, but surely, she started getting better. Soon she was fully awake, with per presence lending additional warmth to the animal hospital she was brought to. They decided to name her Miracle, and after the frightful, near-death experience she had on the road, and the rate at which she recovered, it was just as well


Source: The Dodo via Youtube








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