Capturing memories by way of photography is a staple when celebrating seasonal festivities. If you have a dog in your household, chances are you want them to take part in this tradition. The only roadblock is this; it is not always entirely easy getting your pup to participate in pet photography for the holidays. In fact the whole thing gets too tricky at times, either because they are camera shy or just attention span-challenged. Despite these challenges, it still remains a fun thing to do. Especially if you get to capture that one perfect shot after all your troubles.

The holidays is in the corner once again, here are some pet photography tips from experts to get you on your A game.
Use colors creatively


Dog holiday apparel comes in many varieties. Have fun with these festive items. Use them to bring lively colors to your picture. Your choices run the gamut. You can go for themes such as winter white, traditional green and red, or even ugly Christmas sweater replete with the wackiest colors. Be mindful also of your chosen color for the backdrop. It is best to keep it neutral so that your pet remains the highlight of the snapshot.
Plan and follow schedule.
Long photo sessions will most likely lull your pet to immense boredom. Or worse, they might find all sources of distraction while you’re bent on taking on the best snapshot. Schedule breaks for your dog so they can use it to release whatever pent up energy they have. Also, just click away while your pup is in position instead of waiting for their best pose. This way you are sure to get a good snapshot or four.

Use toys or treats
Your dog’s short attention span is something you cannot eliminate in one day. If it is being manifested during your scheduled photo shoot, use the arsenal at your disposal: treats and toys. For instance, if you want them to look in a specific direction, use a toy to get their attention. The key is to motivate your dog to participate by way of good old bribery.
Introduce your dog to the camera before the photo session
This is most crucial if your pup has never been in the midst of a camera. They might find it alien, and this is enough reason to scare them away. Factor into the equation the camera’s clicking sound and your dog might just go all anxious. So introduce them to the camera gently. Let them sniff it to familiarize themselves with its smell and mechanism. Do some trial runs by taking snapshots of them, and reward them with treats immediately after.

Let their personality come out
Remember this is about your pet. It is their personality that should come out in those pictures. So try to capture your dog in their most natural state. Are they prone to snoozing in your couch without a care in the world? Why not take a snapshot of them in this state? Incorporating their habits and daily activities will produce no less than adorable pictures.



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