Taking one overly excited dog on a day trip to the park can already be a handful, but bringing four ecstatic giant dogs is an entirely different scene. One dog owner captured on video how his four German Pointers went stir crazy during a car ride to their favorite park.


As a breed, German Shorthaired Pointers are highly energetic yet loving dogs. They love physical activity and always look forward to a new adventure. They are also quite intelligent, as seen in this video.

At first, these four big dogs were clueless and had no idea what their dad’s plan was. They relaxed and enjoyed each other’s company while their dad drove leisurely. When their dad asked them if they knew where they were, the atmosphere inside the car suddenly switched to pure chaos.

Their calm demeanor drastically changed when it dawned on them that their surprise trip was someplace special. Soon, the dogs started flipping out, giving ear-splitting howls of excitement inside the full vehicle. The prospect of spending a fun-filled day in the park caused them to wiggle with excitement.


One dog even jumped in the front seat, anticipating their arrival in the park. Good thing their dad is an excellent driver, and he wasn’t distracted from the entire ruckus they made. They weren’t even listening to him anymore, their happiness completely overwhelming them.

These dogs howled and barked nonstop for almost 2 minutes straight – the enthusiasm they showed was undoubtedly contagious to anyone who heard them. Even their dad couldn’t help but chuckle as he let them ride the wave of their exhilaration until they reached their destination.

When the vehicle stopped, the four dogs managed to calm down. They were finally in the park, and it was time to have fun!

Source: Pawmygosh.com
Video courtesy of Youtube



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