Adopting a dog can be a life changer for you and for a dog that has been abandoned or abused. Dogs can be adopted from breed rescue centers, no-kill animal shelters, or foster programs. If you are planning to adopt a dog, below are some of the helpful tips that can guide you in finding your perfect furry friend.

Finding a dog

Your first step is finding the perfect dog for you. There are many dog breeds that have different personalities that also requires different needs. Prepare enough time to research for different breed types and find the type of breed that you think you will be able to care for. Here are some things to consider:


One important category is to match your activity level to the type of breed that you are eyeing for. Each dog breeds have its own energy level. If you are a type of person who enjoys quiet activities, look for breed with quiet personalities like Shih Tzus.

You also have to consider how big your place is to accommodate a dog. If you live in an apartment with no enough room to run around, it would be best to get a small type of dog rather than a bigger dog.

Look for the shelter

Once you have decided about the type of breed that you want to adopt, it’s time to look for the shelter. You can search online and visit their website and try to look up on information about adoptable pets. Some shelters’ website can provide dog profiles like their personalities and specific needs.


Adoption Process

Once you have found a dog you like then you can start the adoption process by filling out the necessary paperwork with the shelter or rescue. Adoption process can be a lengthy process and may require a lot of information from you. Below are some of the helpful tips on the adoption process:

Aside from the usual name and address information, you may also be asked for your vet’s contact information so be sure you already have selected a vet before going to the shelter. The shelter will also ask you why you are interested on adopting a dog and if you and your family members have already prepared for its arrival. Understand that shelter will thoroughly check if you are capable of providing care for a dog. They want to make sure that the dogs will end up in loving, caring, and permanent homes.

Ask your shelter if they require a home visit. Other shelters require this before they allow you to adopt a dog to ensure that you are capable to provide care for the dog. If they do, make sure that you have the time.

The day has finally arrived

Congratulations! The shelter has finally approved all your paperwork and you can now bring your new pet to home with you. When you pick him up, you might want to schedule a time off from work to make sure that you will be able to stay with him the whole day. New sound, sight, and smell can be a little overwhelming for him. Take that whole day to start bonding with your dog because he might get scared or confused to be left alone in the new environment.

When you enter your house make sure that you are calm and relax because dogs can pick up emotions. Make him feel that he is entering a secure and safe place that he can call home for his lifetime.



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