Captain did not show any symptoms. There were no signs that he was sick or had any disease. He was very healthy and active.


One day, everything came tumbling down. A day came when his life will change forever. It was so sudden and expected that this poor dog did not have a chance to prepare himself.

Alice Taylor, Champion’s mom, said that it was summer and everything was fine. Even the night before, Champion is in tip-top shape. She brought her dogs to the lake to swim, and Champion raced her down the hill which he always does.

But when Alice got to the dock, she felt that something was wrong as Champion was standing there as if he was frozen. He was not his jolly self when in the water. On their way home, Champion seemed weak and not himself.


Alice had a gut feeling that something is not right, so she decided to bring Champion to the vet the next day. When she loaded him to the car, he seemed to have lost function of his legs which worried Alice even more. In the vet, she was informed that he has wobblers, a kind of spinal disease.

The condition would require surgery, but Champion was not a good candidate. Alice burst into tears when she heard the news and her options. All of a sudden, a tech told her to follow him and what she saw was a miracle. Champion was standing with everyone surrounding him trying to keep him up.

He wanted to fight, so Alice fought with him. He went through a lot of therapy which was of great help. Now, he is able to walk on all fours again but a little wobblier than usual. The important part is he is able to walk and he did not give up on himself.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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