Juniper, along with her siblings, was only a tiny puppy when she was found in the middle of the woods in Alabama. The rescuers assumed that their mama dog gave birth somewhere in the forest. And because they were all by themselves, the litter must have spent the first few weeks of their lives desperately trying to survive without their mom.

Eventually, the litter was rescued and brought to Brown Dog Coalition, Massachusetts’s nonprofit, foster–based and volunteer–run dog rescue group that helps in rehoming animals across the states. Often, they take in dogs coming from shelters of Alabama, the same way how Juniper found her family.



“We just couldn’t resist bringing her home after seeing her photo,” said Juniper’s dad, Rich Droser.

Today, 2–year–old Juniper adores her family like no one else. But one thing that she loves most is snuggling with her favorite people. After having to spend her early life amongst pieces of lumber, Juniper is finding it hard to resist the comfort of fluffy pillows and soft blankets.


Brown Dog Coalition

“She thinks she’s a lapdog,” said Droser. “We’ll toss her some blankets and pillows that will just pile up. And she stays like that until she’s too warm or when food comes out!”

One day, Juniper arrived home tired from playing all day at the park. She flopped herself on the couch, ready for a nice and cozy nap. As she was about to doze off, a pillow suddenly fell on her, but she didn’t mind. Her family then had an idea and started stacking pillows, burying her.

“It was one pillow after the other until it became a tower. She didn’t get up, she didn’t even try moving,” said Droser.


Photo Credits to Rich Droser via The Dodo

Ultimately, there were 7 large pillows stacked upon the dog, and underneath the tower of pillows was the very content and cozy Juniper. She did get up after a while but probably because she’s already too warm. After a rough start, Juniper sure deserves all the comfort that she can get.



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