Waiting for someone to come home can be really bothersome. But when they finally arrive, it’s the greatest feeling ever. Dogs feel this too — the sadness of waiting for someone to arrive. And the joy they feel when their owner finally greets them.


This is a scene where a deaf dog is greeted by her owner. It’s a very touching and emotional meeting. Dogs are creatures with great loyalty and patience. Most of them sit and wait for their owners to come back. Such a display of great devotion. Sometimes they would watch the door and wait for someone to open it.

Noelle is a terrier mix. When she noticed her owner coming to get her, she immediately stood up and started wagging her tail. This is Noelle’s way of showing excitement and affection. As soon as the soldier opened the crate, she started rejoicing.

The video was captured by a friend who is taking care of Noelle while her dad is at work. The friend explained why the dog is in a crate. It turns out the friend is a volunteer at pet adoption events and one day Noelle was taken to one event at Pet Smart. The friend did this so that the dog’s dad could easily pick her up as soon as he got back.


This was a very a heartwarming and touching reunion. It is seen in the way the dog reacts to her owner. The soldier himself seems very happy to see Noelle. It looks like they’re going to have lots of fun together before the soldier leaves for work again.

Being a soldier and having a dog can be difficult sometimes. You have to leave your dog for a long time. You need someone else to take care of the dog while you’re away.

Video courtesy of Lauriemetzger via YouTube



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